Our Mission

“To make disciples of Jesus Christ for God’s Glory.”

These nine words are what Aboite Baptist Church is all about.  To join ABC you’re not joining a static entity, you’re joining a dynamic mission.  Becoming a member of our church means committing to proactively advancing our mission of making disciples to impact our city for Jesus.  These nine words guide and shape everything we are and everything we do as Aboite Baptist Church.


Jesus has given His church only one mission: Make Disciples (Matthew 28:16-20).  There are many things we could do and many things that could distract us as a church.  Because of what Jesus has told us, we have decided to focus on just one thing at ABC: making disciples.


ABC is not a church where we will allow you to be passive or to be a consumer.  ABC makes disciples instead of pleasing consumers.  Members of ABC are called to take initiative to live out our mission.  This mission is for all of us.


Though ABC is governed and led by a team of pastors/elders and served by a team of deacons who assist the pastors in caring for the flock and making disciples, we want a church full of leaders.  Our members are leaders.  Whether or not you ever hold a leadership title at ABC, we want a church full of members who take the lead in carrying out our mission:  To make disciples of Jesus Christ for God’s glory.  If you become a member, this becomes your mission.


This mission isn’t easy.  You will meet resistance from the Enemy as you pursue this mission and this mission will require you to supernaturally rely upon God.  Though difficult, joining this mission will be immensely rewarding as you watch Jesus use you and use our church in supernatural ways.


What drives our mission is the finished work of Christ (the gospel).  Pursuing this mission doesn’t earn us anything.  We pursue this mission as a response to the life changing grace of God.  Ultimately, this is Jesus’ mission.  He is building our church and He calls and empowers us to join Him in His supernatural disciple-making mission.





Simple And Focused


We are focused on our mission at ABC.  We evaluate everything we do on the basis of whether or not it helps or hinders us from making disciples.  As a result, we focus on Gathering and Scattering.  At ABC, you will find friends meeting for coffee, others serving the community, one-on-one discipleship taking place, people praying together, playing together and so much more.  But all of this is ministry and community, which is not always officially planned by church leadership.  It’s ministry that happens as an outflow of our rhythm of gathering and scattering.





Every Sunday, ABC gathers together as a big family to worship God through music, preaching, prayer and giving.  Sunday fuels us for a new week of ministry in our city.



In group settings, or in one-on-one meetings we regularly gather to advance the mission of our church in making disciples.  This happens through our Sunday school ministry, small group ministry, group bible studies and one-on-one discipleship.



We expect everyone who becomes a member to make gathering at ABC a high priority – to schedule life so as to be present and contribute to what takes place on Sundays and through our discipleship ministries.  In light of that focus, we believe there are three typical reasons to miss gathering together at ABC.


  • Vacation:  We want you to take vacation in order to rest, recharge and have a lot of fun!
  • Sickness:  Please stay home if you’re sick!  It is important that you rest and get well so that you can gather with your family again.
  • A Special Event:  Throughout the course of a year we expect that there will be rare and special events that you feel God has called you to attend and thus require you to miss out on gathering with your family.  Examples include emergencies, business trips, weddings, etc.


Gathering on Sundays and participating in our discipleship ministries are critical to your own spiritual health, our church’s health as a whole and it is what fuels you for each new week of ministry in our city.  Members prioritize gathering at the top of their weekly schedule.  We are a church body that needs each member of the body to be present and functioning as a member of the body.  We live in a city that is highly individualistic, where decisions are made only in reference to ‘me’ and where even many Christians believe that passively attending a church service once or twice a month represents healthy Christianity.  We are seeking to directly challenge and change this culture, to show our city what it looks like to belong to something much more exciting:  a family on a mission to enjoy God, love one another and love our city with the Gospel.  We are seeking to be obedient to the New Testament where it says, “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.” (1Corinthians 12:27).



We want everyone at ABC to see themselves as missionaries to Northeast Indiana.  Most of ABC’s ministry to this area happens during the week as software engineers, teachers, stay-at-home moms, carpenters, business leaders, college students and entrepreneurs live out their vocations in their workplaces, neighborhoods and homes with gospel intentionality and with a view toward making disciples and thus making an impact on our area for Christ.


Instead of asking you to attend a busy week of church programs, we want you scattered throughout our area, discovering the ways in which God wants to use you in fulfilling our mission.  Our strategy for reaching our area of northeast Indiana is simple.  Our strategy is people.  Our strategy is the members of our church.  Our strategy is you!  God has already placed you in a particular place with particular relationships where you are called to advance the mission.  We’re all learning from each other and we’re excited to learn from you and the unique ways God will use you to impact our area for Jesus.