Lead Teaching Pastor Job Description

Aboite Baptist Church

Vocational Pastor (Elder) Job Description

Title: Lead Teaching Pastor

                                                                                                                                                                                                December 2019

Character and Qualifications

  • Faith: Has a clear profession of faith in Christ and a love for His church.
  • Leadership:  Is a servant-leader who finds joy in serving others with the goal of spurring them on in their walk with Christ.   An individual who can lead, motivate, establish ministry objectives and execute plans with a heart of service and humility.
  • Teaching: The Pastor is an effective preacher who rightly handles God’s Word and can communicate clearly, creatively and concisely to all age groups.  One who is able to teach in a manner that is both God-honoring and Gospel-centered.  His teaching should result in saints equipped for the work of the ministry.
  • Family:  The Pastor is an example to the church in how he cherishes and cares for his family in a manner that is obedient to the commands and exhortations of God’s Word.
  • Public Testimony:  Is a man who reflects the biblical qualities of a Pastor found in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5.
  • Administrative: Although the Lead Teaching Pastor’s primary role is teaching and shepherding people, the Pastor should have skills and abilities to effectively manage a variety of administrative tasks associated with the position. 
  • Peacemaking:  The Pastor should work with the church staff, Deacons, other Pastors and the Church body as a whole to unite people with varying perspectives in order to advance our witness both in the Church and in our community to God’s glory.
  • Training:   The Senior Teaching Pastor will hold a seminary Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree with a minimum of three years of pastoral ministry.

Authority and Accountability

  • Authority in the local church belongs to Jesus Christ who is her head.  As such, neither the Pastors nor the congregation have exclusive rights to authority in the church.  They must mutually submit to Christ.
  • Pastors are called to lead the congregation by providing leadership and care in an attitude of love and humility while never lording it over the congregation.
  • The Pastors are accountable to Christ, to one another and to the congregation. No Pastor has more authority to make decisions than any other Pastor affirmed by the congregation.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • The Lead Teaching Pastor’s main responsibilities and duties will be as follows:
    • Teaching
      • Preparation and preaching the sermon on Sunday mornings.
      • Periodically teaching an ABC University adult class on Sunday mornings.
      • Leading a Life Group small group meeting during the week.
  • Body Care
    • Preparation and providing counseling as required during the week.
    • Identify and mentor additional Pastors as needed.
    • Commit to regular prayer for the spiritual well-being of everyone in the Body.
  • Leadership
    • Lead weekly Pastor meeting.
    • Lead the annual Pastor retreat.
    • Lead the regular evaluation of progress towards current goals and establishment new goals for each year.
    • Lead the reporting at the quarterly and annual business meetings of progress made on current year goals.

These responsibilities and duties may be reviewed annually by the Pastors to better refine the responsibilities of the Lead Teaching Pastor to the mission.