Sermons (Page 19)

Our Eternal Weight of Glory

We all experience some degree of suffering, whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical, or relational.  We often cannot see the purpose behind these situations and circumstances.  Last week we saw Paul’s first reason for not being discouraged:  God puts His people in situations of weakness to show that the power ultimately comes from Him.  This […]

The Last Will and Testament

For many, thinking about or creating a will is something they put off doing because it reminds them of just how fragile life really is. This isn’t the case for our author. In fact, he uses the analogy of a will as he further develops his argument regarding the superiority of Jesus. May God give us wisdom as we consider the relevance to our lives today.

The New Has Come

As believers living on this side of the cross, we far too often take for granted the way in which Jesus’ coming has radically changed how God’s people worship Him. Previously, the temple and sacrificial system took place at a place. But with the coming of Jesus, our worship has been reoriented to focus on a person. But in order for that to happen, God has also brought about another radical change. May God be glorified as we examine that change today during our time in the Word.