Here at ABC our philosophy of ministry is simple and focused.  We are focused on our mission – To make disciples of Jesus Christ for God’s Glory.  We evaluate everything we do on the basis of whether or not it helps or hinders us from making disciples.  As a result we focus on Gathering and Scattering.  At ABC, you will find friends meeting for coffee, others serving the community, one-on-one discipleship taking place, people praying together, playing together and so much more.  But all of this is ministry and community, which is not always officially planned by church leadership.  It’s ministry that happens as an outflow of our rhythm of gathering and scattering.



Every Sunday, ABC gathers together as a big family to worship God through Christ focused music, preaching, prayer and giving.  We believe Sunday fuels us for a new week of ministry in our city.  In group settings or in one-on-one meetings we regularly gather to equip one another for the work of making disciples.  This happens through our Sunday school ministry: Growth Groups, small group ministry, group bible studies and one-on-one discipleship.  We expect everyone who becomes a member to make gathering at ABC a high priority – to schedule life so as to be present and contribute to what takes place on Sundays and through our discipleship ministries.




We want everyone at ABC to see themselves as missionaries to Northeast Indiana.  Most of ABC’s ministry to this area happens during the week as software engineers, teachers, stay-at-home moms, carpenters, business leaders, college students and entrepreneurs live out their vocations in their workplaces, neighborhoods and homes with gospel intentionality.  We desire that every man, woman and child in the Fort Wayne area would hear the gospel from the lips of someone associated with ABC.  So instead of asking you to attend a busy week of programs, we want you scattered throughout our area discovering the ways in which God wants to use you in fulfilling our mission.