Supported Mission Agencies

Asia Biblical Theological Seminary – ABTS

Asia Biblical Theological Seminary, in partnership with ABWE International and Cornerstone University, makes available graduate level theological education to eligible national church leaders and foreign missionaries ministering in Asia. Since 1983, this program has provided the opportunity to earn master’s degrees from Cornerstone University while remaining in Asia.

ABTS aims to accomplish its mission through an integrated program of biblical, theological, and professional studies delivered through a combination of distance education courses and residence seminars offered in selected cities in Asia. Educational activities endeavor to provide training within the context of the student’s life, work and ministry. Tuition levels for all ABTS courses have been adjusted to fit the varied economies of Asian countries.

Baptist Children’s Home & Family Services

Baptist Children’s Home (BCH) was called into existence in 1955 by churches seeking assistance in caring for families and children. BCH seeks to fulfill the biblical mandate found in James 1:27 to “Care for the Fatherless.” They do this by caring for more than 500 children in the United States, India, Myanmar and Liberia.

This care is provided through group home and foster home care for children, Christian family and/or personal counseling, family life conferences, adoptive services and care for pre-born children.  In short, if it affects the family, BCH is there to help. They seek to shepherd the heart of every child toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and train them to live godly lives in spite of painful or un-seemingly unfair circumstances.

Crossroads Fellowship

The Crossroads Fellowship (formerly the Indiana Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches) was formed in 1936 as an association of independent Baptist churches that is committed to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.  They are a voluntary fellowship that recognizes the strengths of working together while maintaining the autonomy of the local church.  The mission of the Crossroads Fellowship is to “help pastors and churches maximize their effectiveness in ministry.”  The fellowship seeks to enable pastors through ministry counseling, personal counseling, pastoral fellowship, and leadership training seminars.  They assist the churches by providing Deacon Seminars, search committee training, pastoral referrals, and lay leadership training seminars.  This is accomplished through the leadership of the State Representative.  Currently Pastor Doug Schroeder serves in this position.

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches – GARBC

Soon after its inception, ABC made the choice to partner with the GARBC.  What is the GARBC?  Each word in our Association’s title, General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, reflects its organizational principles.

General-indicates the Association’s geographical scope. The GARBC is a national and international network.
Association-identifies the nature of the organization. The Association is not a convention, a monolithic body, or a denomination, but a network of independent churches of common convictions that voluntarily partner for fellowship, witness, and ministry.
Regular-emphasizes the Association’s basic doctrinal position. Other organizations may adopt the irregular stance of theological liberalism. The Association stands for the true, Scriptural fundamentals of faith.
Baptist-speaks of the Scriptural heritage of the Association. Baptists are distinguished by their convictions regarding Biblical authority, saved church membership, public immersion, priesthood of the believer, congregational governance, offices of pastor and deacon, autonomy of each church, individual soul liberty, and separation of church and state.
Churches-Churches are the focal point of the organization.  Only churches may apply for fellowship in the GARBC.

Shepherds Ministries

This ministry began in 1957 out of the vision of a Milwaukee area Sunday School class. A family in their congregation had a child with a mental disability, and they saw a need to provide greater opportunities for other children and families. They began a Shepherds Sunday School Class and soon realized that God had mighty plans for them. As the Shepherd’s Sunday School class grew, this group of people began stepping out in faith and a committee began looking for land where they could expand opportunities for education and schooling for children.

In 1964, Shepherds Home & School opened its doors welcoming 36 children. There was a program in place to educate and train children. Many children learned to read and write who had not had the opportunity to learn such skills prior to living at Shepherds. As the children became teenagers, the schooling began to include job training.

Since then, many of those children and teenagers have grown to adulthood and still reside at Shepherds. In the transition from children to adult residents, there was less focus on schooling and more focus on vocational training. At this time, Shepherds Baptist Ministries, Inc. and SERVE Enterprises, a division of Shepherds, work together to provide compassionate Christian care and vocational training for adults that have mental disabilities.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse exists to serve men who struggle with a life-altering addiction by providing structure, education, support, and mentorship. We also strive to be a bridge in the healing process between these men and their families.

With big vision, the ministry of The Lighthouse began with a single house that could hold 8 men, offering it’s services to the community through transitional living for men.  Soon after, the mentorship program began, pairing men in the program with godly men who come alongside offering accountability, biblical teaching, and friendship; as well as offering mentorship and counseling to the families of the men residing in the home.  In the years to follow, the ministry has expanded; now offering two transitional living homes for men, with the capacity to reach 16 men and their families at any given time.  In addition to serving these men, The Lighthouse has expanded its services to the community by offering Life Skills training at our downtown Burger King; a community wide group where men and women can come and receive free cheeseburgers and biblical teaching on various life skills needed in everyday life.  A manhood study is offered to men in the community on Thursday nights, equipping men to live godly lives.  In addition, Community training events have been offered, bringing prevention, awareness and education to the addiction crisis and equipping others with knowledge and teaching from a biblical viewpoint.  The Family Thrift Store, the newest outreach, offers opportunities for employment as well as free clothing vouchers to the community.

Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center

Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center is a Christian camp serving churches for over 55 years.  The campers come from a variety of different churches from Indiana, Illinois, and throughout the Midwest.  The camp is located on 210 acres of scenic property including forests and 2 private lakes.

Adventure programming and an educational / spiritual emphasis to all the activities makes Twin Lakes Camp a great place to have fun and grow.  Since 1950, they have welcomed thousands of youth and adults to their camps.  Their purpose continues to be that of providing campers with a safe, challenging and enjoyable Christian Camping experience in the perfect environment: God’s great outdoors!